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SAMARCO: 3rd Pelletizing Project - Ubu

ECM is technically qualified for the elaboration of multidisciplinary projects in the following areas:

Projects Segments

  • Beneficiation and Concentration Plants;
  • Pelletizing Plants;
  • Steel Industry;
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • Industrial civil works.

Projects Stages

  • Development of mineral processes;
  • Scoping Studies;
  • Conceptual engineering and Economic Feasibility Studies;
  • Basic Engineering;
  • Detailed Engineering;
  • Technical support to customers, concerning Procurement;
  • Construction Management;
  • Support to Commissioning;
  • Start-up, adjustments and optimizations of new and existing installations;
  • Plant Operation.

Operations types and Systems

  • Process Flowsheet Development;
  • Handling operations, transportation, storage, homogenization and recovery of bulk materials in slurry and gaseous media (pneumatic conveying);
  • Liquids and gases handling, transportation, storage and distribution, in general;
  • Systems for the generation and distribution of compressed air, vacuum, steam and hot air;
  • Comminution systems (crushing, grinding);
  • Systems for separation of solid particles by size (screening, cycloning, classification in water and air media);
  • Pelletizing Process;
  • Dust removal systems;
  • Infrastructure and support facilities;
  • Power transmission, processing and distribution systems;
  • Water intake, elevation, treatment, storage and distribution to process, for service and for human consumption;
  • Road works in general;
  • Industrial facilities automation systems.

SAMARCO: 3rd Pelletizing Project - Ubu