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SAMARCO: 4rd Pelletizing Project - Ubu

Once again, for the ninth consecutive year, ECM won an award from Intergraph, maker of SmartPlant software used in ECM for Project Automation. This time we were awarded 2nd place at Golden Valve Awards Competition in the Discipline-Specific category.

Intergraph has two awards to companies that employ its software in a more innovative way – Golden Valve, in the categories: Animation, Discipline-Specific, Photorealism and Visually Complex. In the Platinum Pipe awarded categories it involves Smart3D, SmartPlant Review and Engineering and Schematics.

Since 2007 when the implementation of 3D integrated engineering with SmartPlant Enterprise Intergraph / Hexagon began, ECM has been awarded several times in different categories of the Golden Valve Awards. This year, ECM received the top prize, the best picture among all categories.

On August 13, 2013 ECM was honored for its relevant position on Projects & Consulting companies in Brazil.

As a result of efforts to develop engineering using the most modern engineering software and applying excellence to services, ECM has won for the 5th consecutive year its 8th award and the Golden Valve Awards Competition.

SAMARCO: 4rd Pelletizing Project - Ubu